A Love Letter to Black Learners

March 11th, 2021

Dear Black Genius,

It is with my whole heart that I welcome you Black to school. Behind you is the chaos of school closures, zoom burnout and social isolation from clubs, sports teams, and friends. You proved you could learn in ways most adults thought impossible. You showed up in class with your pajamas, headwraps and hoodies, art-walls, music and your whole village beside you.

The best teaching this year has been modeled in your homes, in your neighborhoods, and in protest marches all across America. You and millions of other Black Geniuses have made history and changed the future of learning. More than learning, you’ve been teaching us all. It’s a no-brainer that you aced the most basic lesson of our lifetime: Black Lives Matter.

On your first day back in-person, Village of Wisdom wants to remind you of all the genius we see when we see you. We invite you to watch this two and a half minute Dear Black Genius film short made just for you by an entire village of Black Genius Protectors. We got you!

In Love & Liberation,


Aya Shabu (she/her/hers)


M: (617) 959.2076


www.villageofwisdom.org | @villageofwisdom

A Special Note to Black Genius Protectors

Looking for ways to protect Black Genius? Ready for more?

Watch the Dear Black Genius film short by Village of Wisdom

Black Genius, Breathe: A Black to School video by Village of Wisdom Village of Wisdom is a Durham based non-profit supporting Black parents to liberate and protect the intellectual curiosities and racial self-concept of Black learners through the creation of culturally affirming learning environments.

Originally published at https://ashabu.medium.com on March 12, 2021.

We work with Black families to protect Black Genius, these are our stories.

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