Here we do our best to give you a glimpse of the Black Genius who is Joy Spencer.

Artwork by Professor X

As it was told by someone who loves her: Joy was born into activism. Standing on the shoulders of her mother, who founded a nonprofit organization to advocate for her children, Joy is involved with several organizations, efforts, and initiatives that empower the Black community through direct service, relationship building, education, and advocacy. She is driven by passion and an avid supporter of authentic community engagement and community-based solutions. …

March 11th, 2021

Dear Black Genius,

It is with my whole heart that I welcome you Black to school. Behind you is the chaos of school closures, zoom burnout and social isolation from clubs, sports teams, and friends. You proved you could learn in ways most adults thought impossible. You showed up in class with your pajamas, headwraps and hoodies, art-walls, music and your whole village beside you.

The best teaching this year has been modeled in your homes, in your neighborhoods, and in protest marches all across America. You and millions of other Black Geniuses have made history and…

Written By Amber Harris, Originally published March 8, 2015

We a really excited to share the words of wisdom Wendy a mother of three Black boys: Mosheh (17), Asher (14), and Caleb (11), has blessed us with related to wrapping her sons in the love necessary for them to thrive. Wendy and her husband were the first parents nominated for the #VOW2Discuss award. Wendy was kind enough to share with VOW how she and her husband make sure that their boys find confidence and pride in their Blackness. Check out the interview below.

Generally, how do you talk to your…

This story originally ran in February of 2015

First VOW Parent Meeting, Photo by Kumolu Studios

It has been a busy year for Village of Wisdom (VOW). To be more precise, I should say it has been a busy five months for the organization. Since August 1st of 2014, we have witnessed VOW evolve from an idea to an organization that has worked with over 20 families with a potential reach of over 50 children. We have organized a four-person board and a squad of twelve dedicated volunteers. …

Village of Wisdom

We work with Black families to protect Black Genius, these are our stories.

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